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Warm Congratulations on Kangwei Intelligent Industrial Park project signed successfully

2023-09-01 14:16:38

    In order to achieve the goal of  "Made in China 2025" concept , advanced production system, mainly focusing on high-tech industries and traditional industries.  has been established in Beijing. In order to

    enhance economic strength and competitiveness through further digital innovative manufacturing, and also to build Kangwei industrial park intelligent manufacturing factory into an advantageous enterprise in line with world's advanced technology, realize the vision of "Intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprise".

    Kangwei Tongchuang Group has been cooperated with German Fraunhofer I.A.O. and GTC HIGHTECH to set up “Lean production 4.0 intelligent factory” in Kangwei Industrial Park, Miyun District, Beijing. By then, we will hold opening ceremony for the project.

    The University of Stuttgart was founded in 1829, is located in Stuttgart, capital of Baden-württemberg state, German. It is one of the oldest technical universities in Germany, member of TU9 . GTC HIGHTECH, founded in 2017 at the University of Stuttgart Technology Transfer Center, is a high-tech solution company.

    The participants are: University of Stuttgart Technology Transfer Center(GTC Hightech) GM Mr. Zhou Dashuang, China Europe Industrial Technology Consultancy, chief consultant, Dr. Yuan Hua, Kangwei Tongchuang Group President , Group Vice President: Mr. Zhang Yuxin, Mr. Wang Wei, Ms. Fu Wenya, Ms. Dai Liping and related technical personnel.

    At the conference, Kangwei President, gave a detailed description of the future development plan of Kangwei industrial park, aiming to become a benchmark Industry 4.0 enterprise in Beijing, at the same time for Miyun District to absorb more outstanding enterprises, Kang Wei will do our best to contribute to the community and the country!