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MiYun Factory Fire Drill Summary Report

2017-06-29 16:07:20

MiYun Factory Fire Drill Summary Report

    In order to improve safety awareness and strengthen fire prevention ability for whole staff, so as to make them acquire skills of fire emergency handling and escaping, learn to put out fires and evacuate people orderly, Miyun Factory with its whole staff performed a fire drill at 9:30, in May 26th . Firefighters from Miyun fire department are also invited.

    The drill is in charged by Administration and Legal department, including six teams: Alert Team, Evacuation Team, Fire Extinguishment Team, Communication Team, Rescue Team, Water and Electricity Support Team.

    At 9:00 am, team leaders with their members as well as participators from different departments got together in front of staff dormitory building for pre-drill coordination. Specially-invited Captain Song and firefighters from Miyun fire department trained relevant people with fire safety knowledge and practical operations. Also they made a deployment for the whole fire drill.

    At 9:30am, the drill began. It is assumed that there is a fire happened in Room 212 of staff dormitory due to improper usage of induction cooker by connecting wires against regulation. The fire spread rapidly and ignited flammable articles on beds and one person was trapped there. Company immediately initiated emergency plan to put out the fire and called 119. The Administration and Legal department ordered the emergency instruction. As soon as got the instruction, each team immediately organized its members to put out fire and conducted rescue work. Within short time, Evacuation Team orderly evacuated people. While examining rooms one by one, we found that the fire of Room 212 was so big that we could not get into the room for rescue. At this very time, firefighters arrived. They put out fires and rescued the trapped person. Other people also were evacuated to safety places quickly with the help of Evacuation Team. The drill finished after checked staff numbers.

    After the drill, Captain Song explained us about how to handle fire safety emergency operation, how to escape, how to use dry powder extinguisher, and how to prevent family fire. He also taught us what we should do when fire happens and how to call police, put out fires, evacuate, self-rescue and escape.

    Though the fire drill activity, the staffs, who attended the exercise, have increased the security awareness and flaming extinguishing ability. The ability of organization, commanding and reaction of all working groups has also been improved. We hope all our staffs could make persistent efforts to create a safe and comfort working space to have more safety and less damage with the consciousness “Safety first, Combining Prevention and Fire-fighting”.